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1994 Cougar street machine
1994 Cougar street machine

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-Had it since high school and has been an ongoing project ever since. The vibe is day 2 70s style street machine if the fashion continued to the 90s. DOHC swap from a 2003 Mach 1, 98 Cobra intake cams and matching TR3650 5-speed backed by 4.30 trac lok are there to match the looks and while it's not modern muscle fast it's old school muscle fast and that's what I like.

-Underneath the is a host of items; Tokico "blues" Vogtland 3/4" drop springs, airlift bags, 1-1/8" Addco rear sway bar, poly bushings and Cobra brakes

-Wheels are staggered height and width 17x9 and 18x10 American Muscle black Bullitts with 255/50/17 and meaty 295/45/18 Nittos

-Exterior is stock in appearance except for a Sport package wing and 91 XR7 fog lamps, interior started life as feature car grey/white but is now black using mostly a mix of factory parts, including from a 1993 Supercoupe, various other bits from 90-93s, and other various parts from the Lincoln Mark VIII

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