1997 Cougar 4.6; seen 29NOV23

If you happen to go to it and can tear that ugly azz top off, I would love a mint condition rear window moulding. (Kind of joking, don't make a trip for that. It may have screws thru it for all we know)
It's usually the quarter windows that get screwed, the rear window moulding is very well most likely mint!
I could pull that rear roof shell. So one lucky Cougar owner could transform his car into a Cougar Presidential Brougham Landau Edition.
I'd really like to see a good moulding for once. If you want to give it a try, DM me.
I'd use a pry bar on the outside along with a carpenters knife. Just make sure to cut a few inches in front of the rear window on the top and sides. A cordless grinder would be perfect
One of the worst parts about those Bostonian Presidential Brougham Houstonian Landau Special Edition tops is how they look not just from the outside, but the inside. just a chintzy piece of vinyl glued to the window
If the rubberized paint isn't peeling there's no need to go through the arduous task of stripping them to paint to match, with the usual paint prep (soapy water and a quick wipe with a line free rag of acetone) an interior vinyl & fabric paint will go right over it. The cluster bezel on my full black interior is actually a grey original grey Cougar one with the(mint) rubberized paint left alone (I was having an issue with the fully stripped black Tbird one). It was a temporary solution, but one I haven't gotten around to since I finished it in 2018, and it's been off and handled numerous times since and its still holding up.

Only problem is if you're trying to match the existing surrounding "black" on the other bezels, which isn't really black.
I put them up on the Facebook trading post, and sale is currently pending. If it doesn't go through, I'll let you know.

Do you need any other grey pieces?

The cluster is the only thing I really need. I have a mint 96 cluster surround, but I understand that changing my cluster from 97 to 96 style requires some wires to be changed?

I have a spare 97 cluster, but it's got a few broken tabs still.
You mean the cupholder panel? Or the actual shifter piece with the PRND21 indicator?

The cupholder had some wear but was structurally intact. The shift indicator was good.

I meant the cupholder panel/trim piece. The reason I asked is, it wasn't pictured with the rest of the trim.

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