1997 Thunderbird 4.6; seen 28SEP23

That's mold unfortunately. Just seeing that photo has made me sneeze.

As a first responder, I can say with confidence that blood stains in cars that haven't been crashed are almost always splattered on the dashboard, glass, console, and seatbacks. You can guess how I know.
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The same kind of person who would EasyRod a MN12.
I can't tell from your pics, but 1997 is more likely to have the manual drivers seat track which might be worth grabbing.
I've never seen a V8 car with the manual driver seat, I'm pretty sure the power driver seat was teathered to the equiptment package the V8 came with
I'd say super low. That blue is the wrong color for sure.
Yeah tokicos are basically “grabber blue”. Those shocks are what I call “NAPA reman blue”

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