1997 Thunderbird V6

Sep 22, 2023
Richmond, VA
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Well, let's see if there is any interest in a truly beautiful V6. The NY registration expires at the end of March, and I'm running out of modding ideas. It feels like a good time to let go.

You know most of this, but let me reiterate:
  • '97 Thunderbird LX V6
  • Located in Richmond, VA
  • 59,XXX miles
  • Pacific Green; Light Prairie Tan cloth
  • Base model + alloy wheel/rear defroster package
  • I am the 3rd owner, and I have owned it for two years
  • Mods/maintenance over the course of ownership:
    • TRW upper and lower control arms (installed by shop; all other items below done by myself)
    • New fuel filter
    • Transmission fluid flush with Valvoline Mercon V; more recently full T/C and pan drain/fill with Valvoline MaxLife plus new Motorcraft filter
    • New air filter
    • New plugs, wires, and Motorcraft coil pack
    • New belt
    • New Continental Reliant tires
    • Replaced passenger side mirror
    • Front valence panel
    • Passenger side door weather seal
    • Auto-dimming inside rearview mirror
    • Faux suede trim
    • Genuine walnut wood trim
    • Genuine wood shift knob
    • Leatherette-wrapped armrest
    • Leather headrests with custom stitching front and rear, tilting in front
    • DRL with Zevo LEDs and relay
    • Zevo LED taillights and LED-friendly flasher
    • Cornering lights
    • Door panel and center console ambient lighting in green
    • Door courtesy lights plus interior LED bulbs
    • Center console cubby (repositioned 12V outlet)
    • Center console armrest support
    • Silencer removal with custom mesh rodent guard
    • New NTK front O2 sensors; left/front relocated to left/rear
    • New IAC valve
    • Chrome metal interior door release handles
    • Power driver lumbar support
    • Custom gauge cluster (white needles, silver bezel, white LED bulbs, always-on relay, bright with ignition, dimmable with headlights on)
    • Seat belt guides (Challenger OEM)
    • LED center brake light (Lucerne OEM)
    • Blackout exterior badges and refreshed blackout B-pillar trim (PlastiDip)
    • Polished headlights; chrome globes removed
    • Rear floor mats
    • Scosche magnetic phone mount (permanently installed)
    • Did I miss anything?
    • Mod/maintenance disclaimer: I am not a professional; all work has been done to the best of my ability.
  • Known past/present issues over course of ownership:
    • There were two occurrences of code P0320 (see posts here and on the old site); no issues currently, though I am not certain what exactly fixed the issues
    • There were O2 codes which were ultimately resolved by replacing/relocating sensors
    • There is a slow coolant leak on top of the intake manifold which I believe is due to the lower intake manifold gasket; I top off coolant every 4-6 months or so (well before the low coolant light would come on); I have not seen any signs of coolant in the oil or vice-versa
  • General condition:
    • Beautiful, but...
    • The paint has some dullness; however, the clearcoat appears intact all over
    • Various scratches as you'd expect given the age; one dent below the rear right side window; one dent near the right outside mirror mount
    • I do not see any unibody rust outside; I was told the first owner of ~23 years garaged the car; there also is a black spray type underbody coating
    • The springs have surface rust
    • Some very small rusty spots around the engine compartments
    • The interior is exceptionally clean; the headliner is fully intact; there are no smells
    • No door sagging
    • Ahhh, and no for-sale post would be complete without this statement: "Ice-cold A/C"!

Now about pricing...
Frankly, I'd rather just see if there is any interest. However, I seem to remember that there is a rule that requires me to post a price (?); or maybe that was on another site. So let's think this through: If I take it to Carmax for $2,000, they'll make maybe $1,000 at auction, and then the purchasing car dealer/credit broker will post it at $7,000...? So if we cut out all that, and I sell it privately, let me start with an asking price of $5,000. Hey, it's my baby after all.

In my opinion, this car is a lovely daily driver. I'd love to sell to someone who appreciates my mods, too.


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Well, the registration did expire...and since there were no willing buyers, I decided to start over. Newly registered, it feels like a new car!

I will leave this ad up; it's a nice summary of work done, plus I'm still open to selling.

For the time being though, this will continue to be my daily driver. I will need new project ideas.
The stock trunk release can also launch some balloons or packing peanuts on bandits

Ha! But then how close it? In fact, I was considering adapting the trunk motor from a late model Town Car. They're fairly basic and attach to the hinge. But they have a second motor at the striker to pull the trunk down the last few inches; so not sure if the motor at the hinge alone would suffice.

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