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Sep 23, 2023
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Ok, lets start with opinions and get a direction going with my car.

A little background, It’s a 2 valve car that I have had since 2005. It has been set up with an AED kit, Torktech MP112 kit and most recently a Torktech tuner Kit with a VMP 2.3 TVS pushing 21+ PSII on E85. The engine is an iron block 4.6 ; stock bore and stroke with forged internals and trick flow heads blah blah. Built 4r70, circle D converter.

The last time I started the car I was having overheating issues that I’m attributing to head gaskets.

So, since we are at this point what do you guys vote for a path forward?

  • Drop the K member and go thru this engine, put it back in and run it.
  • Build out a ford racing 5.0 Block and stroke it keeping the set up that’s on it.
  • Do a 2018+ coyote swap, possibly with an A10 if it fits in the trans tunnel (haven’t researched that at all)
  • 2.3 Ecoboost build cranking the boost until it lifts heads over and over again because it would be easy as fuck to pull.
So ........ What do you guys think.
Option A is my vote but Option D is enticing.
I'd go with A or B given your current investment in the existing 4.6 platform, that setup is quite healthy

The EB swap I'd just like to see to see what it looks like in the engine bay! But as far as anything else, meh. Wrong sounds
If it were me, and since I love high revving engines AND you brought up the 2.3.

I’d swap a k24 with a lil boost, them bitches make 450whp easy at 8-9000rpm all day. Trans wise you can use a lot of transmissions. 350z 6speed, t56’s and if you don’t wanna hassle that there is a company’s that sells DCT adapters and you use BMW DCT’s from like the M line. I think now they sell 8hp70 adapter and computers to control it. Pretty much all the new manufacturers are using it, it’s a killer trans. After this you’d probably loose 100+ pounds off the noise of the bird too, which is why it would be pretty cool 😬

If I had to stay V8, my dream build would be would be similar to a guy on FB DuWayne Jennings. I’d do a 4.6 4v 6-8” intake runner length, ported heads, stock 98 cobra cams, boss 302 rods, cobra crank, forged positions and sprinkle a lil vortech or procharger on it. 6-10r80 swap the trans or any of the automatic trans mentioned earlier. Guaranteed to make 600 on like 14psi and rev to the moon!
I kind of like B. It makes the most of what you have without the need to adapt to something completely new.
I'd go with A.
What is your horsepower goal, and budget? That will dictate your combo to some degree.
What is your horsepower goal, and budget? That will dictate your combo to some degree.

I don't really have a horsepower goal or a budget. I would say whatever I do with it will probably stay sub 800 RWHP. Going any higher than that just isn't fun on the street. I haven't set out a budget for it, I'll probably just make poor financial decisions and start dumping money.

The thing that entices me about a coyote swap is the potential to run a 2018+ setup and get better drivability at higher power levels plus a 10 speed! You can only do so much on tuning with 127lb injectors.

The thing that entices me about a 2.3 liter swap is the fact that is hasn't been done to my knowledge. Also they make pretty good power, it would definitely be faster than the car was with the first blower on the 2v back in the day.

Either way it's going to cost money, I don't think I've ever pulled this engine and not dumped 10K.
Can the 2.3 make power and be reliable?

Coyote worth a blower is likely the most reliable. Doing a boss lock 5.0 using your current heads and blower is likely the cheapest route, depends on what you do for trans.
2.3 would be unique but it’s not something I could imagine being content with once the novelty wears off.
2.3 would be unique but it’s not something I could imagine being content with once the novelty wears off.
Yea, I have a feeling it would get pulled at a later date and replaced with something more substantial. Also would kind of be a waste of DSS level 5 parts in the rear.

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