Cobra Bilstein Rear Shocks

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The Bilsteins that work on MN12's are:
99-04 Cobra with independent Rear Suspension

---> Only the rear shocks are compatible with our cars. <----

Bilstein Part numbers are:

HD Front: F4-V36-4138-H3
HD Rear: F4-BE5-2959-HO

SP Front: F4-VE3-4593-WO
SP Rear:
Old part number: F4-BE5-C265-HO
New part Number: 24-185974

HD are the Heavy Duty's
SP are the Sports

The sports are the firmer of the two choices used on the Cobra Convertibles.

The difference, as described by Bilstein, is quoted below.

For the performance-minded driver, Bilstein “Sport” shocks deliver absolute mastery of the road surface.
Designed to push a car’s suspension to its performance peak, these shocks are well suited for use with special springs, anti-sway bars or other suspension upgrades.

For most vehicles including full-size sedans, SUVs and trucks. These shocks provide improved handling and stability without sacrificing ride comfort. They offer super damping ability that makes them ideal for heavy hauling for occasional off-road use, while maintaining and exceptional “street” ride.

The one's on my car are the Sports (Convertible): New part Number: 24-185974 Old Part number: BE5-C265-HO Bilstein Sport Ford Mustang Cobra which I ordered from in November of 2006.

As an alternative option for people with too much money in their pocket, these look to be the current top of the line rear setup in terms of adjustability:
Here's another option for the rear for people who insist on spending a ton of money on their MN12:

QA1 Double Adjustable Rear shocks @ ~$245/ea (yeah, that's $490/pair)

- Can be adjusted 18-ways for compression and 18-ways for rebound
- Stupid expensive[/QUOTE]

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