Common Problems, Signs and Symptoms, Where to purchase the parts.


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Hey everyone,

Supercoupe noob here. I posted this thread in the 3.6 forum but I figured it could help everyone. What are the typical issues and their warning signs and symptoms for our cars? Which components should be preemptively replaced to avoid failures? As they say, better to be safe than sorry :) My goal for this thread is to educate new owners in order to keep this classic car alive. It would also be great if links to parts are provided considering the aftermarket is sort of lacking!

Thank you!
headgaskets- milkshake oil, white clouds out the exhaust

Balancer failure with high miles or abuse - you'll see a wobble at the crank pully if its starting to go

Ignition module failure - tach doesn't work, runs rough

89-92s it's pretty much inevitable the Teves II ABS system will fail and give you brake and ABS lights before it goes completely kaput where you basically have no brakes. You don't have to worry about it with a 93 but its worth mentioning since its common to those earlier SCs

Preemptively speaking if you can find a BHJ balancer that is an upgrade over the stock one and will last forever, but they are pricey. Headgaskets I wouldn't necessarily be preemptive with if the car has low miles but when it is time to replace them you should change to head studs rather than bolts (IIRC GM 2.8 V6 studs are the go-to). Could also install MLS gaskets but they really require the head and deck surfaces to be machined, which is probably overkill unless you're building the engine. Ignition module I'd just stock up on a couple and keep one in the car, they're easy to change out.

Non-SC specific it's a good idea generally to just rebuild the front suspension with quality parts. Strut rod bushings, upper and lower control arms, inner/outer tie rods etc. Most of the factory stuff is worn out by 100k or if not the rubber boots and bushings will have dry rotted.

From the 3.8 thread!

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