Do MN12's have Shocks or Struts?

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Sep 12, 2023
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Our cars have Shocks not Struts. The two are commonly confused.

Struts are typically an integral part of the suspension; meaning they not only support weight, but control both caster and camber. A car that uses struts will have a lower control arm with a ball joint at the spindle mount. But at the top of the spindle mount there will be two bolts that attach firmly to the bottom of the strut. The top of the strut then mounts inside the strut tower. By moving that top mounting point forward, backward, inward and outward, you can alter the castor and camber to adjust the car to your particular needs. These cars do not have that feature.

These cars have a SLA (Short/Long Arm) front suspension. There is a lower and an upper control arm with a ball joint on each for the spindle. The shock then mounts to the lower control arm and the top of the shock tower.

These cars are unibody design so there is some inherent flex between the tops of the shock towers. A Shock Tower Brace (STB) locks the tops of towers together to help make sure everything stays parallel.

Do we need a STB? Really, no. The MN12's were well designed from the factory to handle ordinary use. Unless you're really hooning the car there's nothing to be gained by adding a STB.

-Trunk Monkey

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