Front shocks/springs from Summit?


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Oct 5, 2023
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I'm sure the front springs on my 96 are aging out, even with only 97K miles. I was wondering if anybody has used the Summit Racing shock/spring combo? They also sell some branded "Unity". I'm wondering if anybody has used either and what their impressions were...
There's a thread on how to make a good front shock Missubishi bilstein inserts, and there's a howto. You'll need to make a new spring hat. I bought a set from Madd Martigan. The rears are the same as the mustang irs shocks. There are Koni's available. :) Adjustable rebound damping. That makes it easier to match to the front. I have the last known set of oem sport shocks, I bought from Chris Murder. (thanks, chris!)
I appreciate your reply but I was asking about the 2 particular brands that Summit sells. I read your post about the last set of OEM on the planet. I'm not interested in making a shock mount, I want bolt-ins. Thanks.
Anything made for these cars besides the coilovers SCP sells is LX spec service grade unfortunately, you can buy from summit, rockauto or autozone they’ll all be the same. That’s why @Grog6 mentioned the custom alternative, since that really is the only option shock wise for the front of these cars without going the pricey SCP route
They're probably a lot like the Monroe "Quick-Strut". WBW I bought those frequently to replace shot shocks and busted front springs. They were adequate but certainly not for sporty applications. Still have them on my 97; they're definitely floaty now though after 15 years!
Lol. I thought the better gabriel cheal shocks were floaty after 3 years, lol. That's howthey ended up being the housing for the Koni's.
Man, this is going to be a daily driver. I do want it to be nice but not Koni nice. I HATE floaty shocks. I suspect mine are 28YO originals. The bounceback test shows one bounce. It drives about the same as my SC does when its not on firm. Wondering if the service grade LX that XR7-4.6 told me that I would be getting if buying anything other than SCP would be better than what is on it?
The bilsten inserts are nice. if you get the hats, you can find koni nserts, which are adjustable. But the stock replacements from anywhere local will be wasted in 3 years. And suck until then, lol.

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