How many miles do you have on the odometer?

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My 93 Cougar has just over 46k on the clock. What do you all have on the clock? Curious as to what's out there with these old cars.



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The one in Lazarus died after 300k miles; it has over 500k now, from daily drives of 120 miles a day.
Needs a new motor. Red car has a new motor at 233k. Tbird was at 120k when I sold it for vet bills.
35k, but the odometer was broke when I bought it. That was over 7 years ago. Wow time flies.
The 97 is currently at 223k. The odometer is broken in the 90, and has been since before I bought it, so who knows on that one. The 91 is somewhere in the 245k range. The F150 is around 290k and the Chevy is at 226k.
The '93 Mark had a busted odometer at 110,000 when we got it in 2011, but I estimated (based on tire wear and old receipts) it had about 140k on it. We kept it for only about a year (my dad got tired of the air suspension) and put maybe 10,000 on it in that time.

The '94 Cougar I got with 114,000 on it in 2010, and let go of it in 2014 at just under 159,000.

The '96 Mark was its replacement, acquired with about 173,000. It was rear-ended 4 years later with with a little over 255,000 on it.

The 98 replaced the 96. It had 132k when I got it and now sits at a tad under 216k.

The '97 Bird was acquired in '04 with about 84k on the clock. I remember crossing 100k in 2008. At the moment it has about 175,500 on it.
69k and some change. All original miles with no extended periods of the odometer not working. Verified it through annual state inspections from 1995 through 2021.

When I had a brain fart and reset the trip meter on the highway after filling up, the stripped gears I replaced were the original ones. When I replaced the speedometer with a SC unit, I replaced those gears and reset the dials to match the old ones.
Bird acquired 2016 at 140, now is at 160

LSC recently acquired at 95k

Shows how much I drive heh. My other car is a bmx and I generally took the bus and trains before it became a security concern

The '96 Mark was its replacement, acquired with about 173,000. It was rear-ended 4 years later with with a little over 255,000 on it.

That must've been such a pisser. I bet insurance doesn't give much a hoot about MN/FNs... Glad you got plenty of miles from it and bounced back to another
Yeah I was fully invested in that car, and was hoping to roll past 300k in it. They actually gave me a decent amount for the car despite the mileage. I had some left over to do some TLC on the 98, even. I plan to beat the "record" of the 96 with the 98 before I decide to/end up needing to part ways with it, eventually...
I got 178,947 kms (111,193 miles), and I haven't pulled the car out yet, still too much snow but I'm hoping to do a bunch of driving this summer.
Around 231K miles on the car but only like 15K on the engine.
254,182 miles. I was putting a lot of miles on it to get it up to quarter of a million, but now I rotate it with two other daily drivers.
Last I checked when I parked the 95 Tbird it's around 99K. Of course the odo on it stopped working right before it got wrecked but I kept track of the mileage.

The 03 CV LX Sport has around 226K on it, 95 Bonne has ~312K and my 00 GP GT is sitting at 513K (400K on engine).

Hoping to find someone in the STL area that can shoot some paint on the Bonne for a reasonable price so I can have it driven more often and keep some miles off the Vic.
500k estimated, speedo broken, in lazarus, 233k miles on the red cougar. Sold the tbird with ~120k. still runs great!
Just under 85K. Out of several, the engine in my Cougar is the most quiet and smooth modular Ford V8 I have owned. I daily drove it for a few years but now I just take it out every so often.


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