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Sep 22, 2023
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96 Cougar - T45
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I was expecting the other forum falling apart to be the end for discussing our under appreciated amazing cars. Very happy to see this place up and running, big thank you all to making it happen!

A quick intro for my ongoing project, and favorite car.

My Cougar in 2014, here is an old picture I found in my email; day I got it home back when I lived in NY. Very clean, original low mileage 96 sport -

Cougar 2014.jpg

A decade later and now in Florida, here she is next to my other toy, Firebird 5 speed -

Cougar an Lisa.jpg

Major things I have done to my Cougar :

T45 Manual Swap with Aluminum Flywheel
Mustang Cobra aluminum differential
Vogtland 1" lowing springs, Reflex Shocks
PI intake
Open exhaust

She is spicy, loud, grips, revs, and likes to be driven hard !

I will be bringing over my build thread over sometime soon.
Now you need an eagle talon heh

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