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Sep 24, 2023
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92 SC 96 V8
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I just got my running pretty good but I’m wondering if I should buy these 17” rims my friend is selling for $300. They look nice but the tires look small compared to stock. What do you guys think? My T-Bird is going to be a daily driver. IMG_1515.jpeg
Personally, I don’t like them. I think you can do better. Does he even have the center caps for them?
235/40/17 is only a little more than 24" in diameter - way too small for these cars. Stock tires should be over 26" tall; with those wheels and tires speedo would also be off by almost 10%.

TM is right; unless you are head-over-heels for those, skip them. They're incomplete and you're going to have to hunt down center caps and replace the tires.
He might have them but he is not sure, I need new tires on my old rims so we just wanted to see if they would fit. I’ll probably keep using the stock ones.

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