My before and after pictures,( so far).


Dec 2, 2023
Vehicle Details
1989 SC 5spd. 1990 SC auto
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I'm not going to go into the full story of this 1989 Super Coupe, except to say I bought it for $140, 14 years ago with a bad rod knock. It was a pretty clean 5 speed car, and I knew the original owner. Fast forward to summer of 2022, and I noticed that the rear glass was shattered. So it was decision time; either junk it, sell it, or make it road worthy again. I had a complete engine, still strapped to a shipping pallet, that I had bought many years ago, also. Well, I decided to fix it! It is never as easy, or as cheap as you plan. A word of warning to those that think getting an old anything "usable", that has been sitting for years in a barn, or field is as simple as just getting it started. It is has been a work in progress, but gets better all the time. I've pulled the engine in and out a couple of times, and have put 3K miles on it.

IMG_20221020_171949155 (Small).jpgIMG_20230323_200240639 (Medium) (Small).jpg
Looking good so far!
Nice transformation so far. SleeperDude on youtube had a similar grimey '89 SC that he brought back to life as well. As long as these things aren't rusty underneath they are well worth the work.

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