New Engine - New Best - Originally posted November 20, 2018

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Sep 12, 2023
Charlotte, NC
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'95 Thunderbird with '18 TF 5.3L - SVO Engine
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I finally made it back to the track after like three years on Sunday.

Took the new 5.3L out for a shake down and wasn't disappointed. The only problem (and it's a good problem to have) is that the engine was overpowering the 255/50/16 MT ET Street tires that I was running. I had to nurse the car off the line to maintain traction. I think with the right tires there might be a 1.55 Sixty foot and a 10.9xx in my future. I'm looking at some other 285/40/18's, 275/45/18's or 275/60/15's. I have some NITTO NT05R tires in a 285/40/18 size that I tried running initially but they're quite old and don't have the grip that they used to.

NewBest (1).png
No cylinder sleeves in my engine. This was from 2018. It was the first time to the track with the new engine and unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I haven’t been back to the track since then.

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