Old School Fender Rolling

That video would have been better if mom had nailed a burnout! The last time I saw that method was a bunch of drunk guys, at the bar beside my dad's buddy's shop. They managed to destroy the fender on a 70 pinto. :) Since that car had the fender removed, it became the recipient of the huge engine my dad had been trying to buy for his tbird. a 429, that supposedly had overhead cams, but I never saw it apart. It was fucking huge! My dad had a manifold for fe 390's that had 3 deuces, and it apparently was adaptable to the 429.
It tore that poor pinto in half, right about where the subframe connectors were welded in, lol. Ladder bars and 15" slicks, and probably 450hp, It was a sight to see. :) My old man apparently had side bets that it would not finish a race, and he racked up.

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