Rear caliper relocation brackets


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Sep 22, 2023
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96 Cougar - T45
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Getting read to start collecting the parts for a brake upgrade. Where do I find the relocation brackets so I can run the rear Cobra rotors? Anyone here selling them?
Pretty sure Bill at still has them.
Dave dalke pioneered the mod, as fast Ed, iirc. or inherited it.
Thanks for the replies. Hopefully I can get a hold of a set soon.
I have a pair of the old brackets to move the rear calipers outward and use a certain corvette 12" rotor. Can't remember the particulars and hope someone here does as I want to do this mod in the spring.

the cobra disks we're talking about don't require redrilling, the vette bolt pattern is bigger imho, 114 vs 120mm.
I bought a couple sets from Dalke a few years ago. Had them at my door in a couple days. Very nicely made.
I should have a set of the brackets from Dalke soon.

If someone could verify, 296mm 2004 Cobra rear rotors are correct?

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