Slow Blinkers


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Sep 22, 2023
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96 4.6 LX, 98 LSC
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Every once in a while Im noticing my blinkers are slowed down, sometimes both of them. Process of elimination time?
Have you ever replaced the flasher relay?
I'd check the battery voltage, though I don't think the flasher speed is effected by voltage fluctuations. More likely than not it's probably the flasher itself
Ahh yea its looking toward end of life. Turning the engine over isnt a big struggle though. This battery is marked 8/20. The prorated charge is interesting, I hope I have the receipt in the bin. Maybe the parts store has a digital copy somewhere. Anyone experience collecting on that?
Start the engine and watch your voltage gauge. If it dips when you turn your headlights on, it's battery time.
Also check your belt and pulleys. I thought my battery was dying for the same reasons until I saw my idler pulley was seized up.
The last time I exchanged a battery under warranty, they just scanned the bar code on the battery and that pulled up warranty info. Didn't seem to care about the receipt. If nothing else, you can use the old battery to offset the core charge on a new one.

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