SOLD: Window Trim (6-piece set)


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Sep 22, 2023
Richmond, VA
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Not sure if there's a demand for these considering the bulky size and potentially expensive shipping. Let's give it a try...getting these off the car was pretty time consuming 😅.
  • $175 for the set of six pieces plus shipping
  • All pieces are from a '94 with mid-40k miles
  • All pieces are visibly used and weathered, but potentially more beautiful that what you're trying to replace
  • The four side pieces have unbroken black finish all over
  • The rear right piece has a small dent
  • The two pieces above the windshield and above the rear window respectively have unbroken black finish all over, but it's not as smooth as the side pieces; these pieces also have some uneven edges
  • More pictures upon request
  • The piece below the rear window was not nice enough; that's why it's not included
  • I didn't make any attempt to recondition these pieces; if it was my car, I would spray them with PlastiDip

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