Some pics of the car! more things to do


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Dec 27, 2023
Olney Illinois
Vehicle Details
1996 Cougar 4.6L v8
Country flag
Picked this 96 up for 1200$ needs quite a bit of work but got some good plans for it later on.
Door panels/ center console/ other trim from a 97 cougar with grey panels.
New side mirrors
Pi intake
New vaccum tubes
new coils, wires, plugs
new alternator
Front suspension fully rebuilt, will be fixing some stuff in the rear soon and new shocks
plan on doing charcoal black carpet and replacing whats left of the tan interior with grey panels, gotta run some new wires and replace the heater core.
As for the outside it has some rust that ill eventually need to fix, and some damaged trim, but nothing major. Paint/ rust repair will probably be the last on the list of things to do, but its already living a much better life than it was rotting away!

When i got the car cooling system was clogged, barely drove, plenty of wiring issues most of which are fixed now. Its not clean but its getting better :)




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