Storing a car in the yard


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Sep 22, 2023
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What concerns are there to storing a vehicle outside on grass or dirt? This is as apposed to on cement in a driveway. Would laying gravel be better than dirt / grass alone?

If I go this route it will be the Jeep being stored. I'll get a cover and I'm thinking some treated wood under the tires so they don't sink into the ground.
I get the concern with vermin, animals, mice, etc. What about moisture, rust, other concerns? Thanks.
Gravel is better than dirt or grass. I wouldn't use wood under the tires because of moisture. Plastic ramps would be better.

Covering it is always a good decision.
If grass grows up to the floor of the car, it will rust out. Seen many Field cars; it's never good.
Agreed, grass is literally the worst place to put a car short of in the ocean, every morning the dew/condensation will soak the chassis and as it grows will dissolve everything metal it touches. I’d at least lay a car sized tarp over the grass to park it over.

Keep a frequent eye on it from the vermin perspective, not just nests and intrusion, they like to sharpen their teeth on wires.
Grass doesn't grow under mine .. but I do have a little rabbit that lives under my 95 SC .. and there were occasional mice that tried to make a home under my 91 until the cat killed them. 😉
Only time I stored a car on dirt, I had thick plastic tarp under it.
Mice are a serious concern. Just ask rodeo Joe. Not sure how to protect against them you’ll have to research the best ways. I do know that traps are preferable to poison because they’ll eat the poison climbs into an unreachable place, die and stink the car up as they decompose.
Kaatu likes to chill under the car during the day. I checked the rear speaker area a month ago and no signs. I found stuff there in Lazarus when I put speakers in him, but it looked like it had been there a long time.
Will be revamping the storage of my friends 04 Silverado this spring as it is currently sitting on my gravel driveway (with inflated tires for the first time in a while) and is completely covered with 2 tarps using foam pool noodles to keep space between the body and the tarps. Also sprayed fluid-film on the underside of the body (esp. the rockers).

What I plan on doing is putting down a large tarp under it, then put it up in the air using some concrete paving stones under all 4 corners and some harbor freight 3 ton jackstands under the front control arms and on the rear axle all on said stones. Basically suspend it midair so the tires are off the ground as to avoid flatspotting and keep some moisture out from under it. Will also be angled a bit to keep water draining off of it. It's not easily moveable since the accident so once it's parked it's pretty much there. Don't need to keep bugging my neighbor to use his tractor to move it around since the truck currently can't move under it's own power.
In the past, I have used a tarp to help with moisture coming up through the ground. Also I try to get the vehicle higher off the ground so air can get underneath it.
The rodent battle is an ever going battle. The used cat litter sounds like another good thing to try along with all the dryer sheets and mouse repellant.
If you get snow, make sure to clean the vehicle off every snow storm whether it has a car cover or not.
Thanks for everyone's input. The Jeep is currently not running, but my goal is to have it running by spring. I really need garage space right now so that's the driving force to move it. I'm thinking I'll lay some gravel to widen my driveway and park her there for the time being.
Put some steel wool in the exhaust pipes as well. keeps them mice out ;)
That's interesting. I've never heard that one. Neat info. Is the idea that the mice don't like to chew the steel wool? Just curious.
That’s a great idea, I use steel wool to deter carpenter bees, never thought about it for rodent deterrent.