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Sep 22, 2023
Harriman, TN
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I think the only thing I can't seem to find in print, is the injector spacing itself. Seems like I took a measurement before. Then I misdrilled the pilot hole, lol.

Drill bit 79 bux.

The one drawing I can't find, is one that includes the inter- injector spacing. It's around 1.6", iirc; I had to take a measurement from a bent fuel rail.
This time, I'm getting ready to start assembling a c- head, So I'll measure that. The next outdoor day, I need to finish cutting the manifold apart, and finish cleaning it. If the bottom has as much flash as the top did, there will be a lot to clean up.
I have 3 sets of valves, and al the ones I selected for a set will be checked on a flat plate to check straightness. I thought it would be better to match the whole set of valves to the guides in the heads from the whole set, then check the valve itself carefully. Then lapping, and reassembly with selected springs. I ported and flow matched the heads. Nick suggested widening the intake port right at the sharp edge in the intake valve ports, removing the shartness, blend the join section of the exhaust ports and sharpen that edge. There's a shitload of flash in there too.
Don't polish the ports! The rough surface sticks air to it, and the airflow occurs over the top of that stuck layer. The dohc heads flow fine they only need cleaning up, not porting, per se. Flash removal, Cleaning up the port edge, widening the intake ports; that's it. I'm paraphrasing notes from Nick and NASVT.

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