The rear glass is no more!


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Oct 5, 2023
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I have made some really BIG blunders over my 60+ years on this earth. Last week I added to the list. My 94 SC 5-speed isn't much to look at these days. It's been sitting out in the weather for many, many years. Unknown to me it had some really crappy bodywork in the drivers door and a couple years ago the bondo just fell off leaving a patch of unprotected metal about 18" tall by 30" long left to rust. Very unsightly but certainly fixable.

Over the course of the last 4 weeks I have been rebuilding the valve bank on my backhoe because when I put the swing cylinders back on after rebuilding them and not putting them on for over three years, when I went to actuate the swing cylinders to allow me to put the boom swing pins back in, the cylinders wouldn't move! Actually, none of the cylinders would move. After a troubleshooting process I concluded the valve bank needed rebuilding. I tackled the task and reinstalled the bank and hooked up all the lines. It worked great, except for one issue that caused injury to my SC. I forgot that I only had one of the pins for the boom swing installed in the boom. I couldn't get the other in because I couldn't get the valve to move the cylinder so I left the pin out with the intention of getting it back in when the valve worked correctly. Well, after raising the boom and the dipper, I tested the boom swing, first, to the right...where my SC was parked. The boom swing was normal, only when I stopped moving the valve lever, the boom didn't stop! I watched in horror as the bucket just creased my trunk lid and smashed through the rear glass!

I was in shock! I carefully moved the bucket up and out of the way and thought I might not have damaged the trunk lid, but closer inspection reveals a crease up until the bottom of the back glass and even a bit in to the stamped profile of the trunk opening. I was bummed for days. I'm just now able to recreate the event in words without suffering more trauma. It's fixable and I started searching for a parts car the next day. Couldn't find a parts car but found a 96 LX that was in great condition and less that 100K miles for $1000. Doesn't run due to no fuel. I think it's a fuel pump. I decided it was in too good of condition to use as a parts car so my SC is still in the weather with a tarp over it. Need to make room under the shop roof to move it and repair the glass to make the thing at least water tight again. Then I'll probably start the process to put it back on the road. Doesn't need much, possibly a water pump. Hoping not head gaskets.

Here is a picture of the damage... It still hurts to look at it... The plastic film still in the hole is the window tint. Contemplating having Safelite replace the glass at a cost of $410 plus whatever the travel fee is...
Safelight told me they did not carry our glass when I needed a passengers window.
OUCH!!! that really sucks. there is a 97 Tbird at the lock pull a part here in Columbia I know thats pretty far but its all I've got in the way of help... sorry to hear you had that issue... that sinking feeling when you know what went wrong and know its your fault is always to worst....

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