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Oct 12, 2023
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1997 Thunderbird 4.6L V8
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My car has Traction Assist. As I understand it, when buying these cars you could get either Traction Assist or Traction Lok but not both, presumably because the two systems aren't compatible. If I upgrade to a Traction Loc differential, what do I have to do to take into account the already existing Assist function? I'm assuming it has to be disabled, or else they wouldn't have prevented the two from ever being sold together, but that's just a guess on my part.

Related, afterwards would it be possible to replace the presumably useless Assist button in the centre console with the 95 and earlier remote gas cap button, or would that be a nightmare to set up?
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Traction lok is more effective than traction assist but every now and then you'll get a little wheel slip before the clutches fully lock up and you'll hear/feel the assist kick in anyway. Makes no real difference but you need to jumper the signal wire in the harness to truly disable it.

The remote gas cap is a very simple circuit but you'll need to run the wires from the console to fuel door solenoid since it's not prewired in 96-97s. It's actually the exact same button other than being orange and the text
You can have them both at once? I just assumed that because Ford never let you have them together that it was a bad idea to have both.
TA definitely does something - if I leave it on, the amount of rubber I am able lay down is restricted a little. :rofl:

With an open diff and light throttle it's useful. Not much help if you're truly in a hurry though. The TA in the 2nd gen Marks, OTOH, is very noticeable.

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