Apr 26, 2024
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Looking at a 95 V8 car today. Want to be thorough.
Where are all the locations for the VIN?
I know dash and door tag. Anyplace else?
I've heard peeps say "frame". But in all my tear-a-parts, I have never seen a VIN on a firewall, under a fender, or etc.

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I've seen it on the fenders (lip under the hood), inside of the bumper covers, underside of the trunk lid. There are probably more.
There is a metal plate on the upper frame rails behind the fenders that has the last 6 or 8 digits of the VIN stamped in it. That is the only place I know of that it is etched into the body, but you won’t be able to see it without removing the front wheelhouse liners and looking with a magnet.
There are 5 locations, iirc. Core tag, dash, door tag, Firewall, and there's one in the trans tunnel, under and between two sheets of sheetmetal. You have to cut a window to see it. Federal regulations require an inaccessible one.
Well I guess I’ve been missing them.
Heinh that this is a mashup of parts I guess the one hidden in that trans tunnel is the key one to check.
Thanks guys.
It's well hidden, from what I've heard. If you know a friendly fbi agent he might tell you where it is exactly.

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