Weather from hell coming, all the way across the country.


Sep 22, 2023
Harriman, TN
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Everyone, there's a front from hell coming across the us, Pretty much everyone but California.
Temperature is changing 50 degrees, across that front; we're at 70 today, and it's cloudy and humid, so our temp wont change that much. Most of us will get a hard freeze tonight. After thunderstorms. There will be tornados, so keep an ear on the weather.
I heard Chicago is under a tornado watch now. Rain later tonight then the front comes through later tomorrow night with high winds and a big drop in temperatures.

I hope Matt has a tornado shelter! Big enough for the Cougar, of course.
We got hit with hail where I worked, but luckily I was already home when it hit. Peoples cars got pounded in the parking lot with up to 4" hail.
We were at 83F at 4PM. Heading to 27F by 7AM. I doubt we'll get any 'naders here, but I'm sure it'll be windy (already is).
I hope the hail and tornados go somewhere else.
They're saying it will get colder all day tomorrow.70 now, 22 by dark tomorrow.
Wind is picking up here now, heavy rain is a couple hours off. Threw a burger on the grill before the heavens open up! :biggrin:

It's 56 here now and when the front finally passes through after midnight it will be in the upper 20s by this time in the morning! :leftright:

Similar to what I ran into. Left home at 8:15, headed west, and it was over 60. By the time I got off the turnpike 35 miles away at about 9, it was under 40.

We also had an abnormally red sunrise this morning, reminiscent of what things looked like for a while during all the Canadian wildfires last year. But in this case, it wasn't from smoke but from the massive cold front moving through.

I had complete overcast, with up to 70mph gusts recorded. there's been a cold north wind after raining off and on, and it's expected to hit 29 tonight. :) I went out and did burgers on the grill, and there was a cold 20mph breeze blowing, cold, but the burgers were good enough to make it worthwhile.
One of the neighbors has a "man cave" in his garage. He leaves the bottom of the 3rd space door open 6-12" year-round and he's grilling/watching TV in there year-round.
I heard last night some ski areas out west are getting their first snowfall for the year, and in places it's going to be 10 feet, lol.

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