What size are the exhaust hangers?

Nov 9, 2023
Vehicle Details
94 Super Coupe
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I’ve got the aftermarket exhaust that was on my 4.6 laying around. I’m going to put it on the super coupe and see how I like it. I need new hangers, so if anyone knows the diameter and any other sizes offhand, so I don’t have to wait until I can get under the car that would be great.

What year SC? The fuel tank on the 89-92s will require very different routing for the pipes. You’ll also need to redo the pipes ohh the manifolds or headers since the 4.6 came down at a different angle
It’s a 94. The setup was originally mated to kooks headers. I ordered some downtubes from trubendz. It will take some modification, but it’s much cheaper than starting from scratch. I’ll only be out the money for downtubes, new hangers, and tips.

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