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Mar 7, 2024
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96 Tbird Lx, PI 4.6
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Have a lot of slop in my door glass, especially the drivers side where it's rocking pretty good and bind in the weather stripping a bit. Is there an adjustment or bushings in the door tracks I need to look for or do I just need new weather stripping?
Sounds like the guides/felt are dirty and dry grabbing the glass as it moves. I deal with this on my 00 GP from time to time and if not fixed it usually breaks the regulator, lol.. Not sure how the 'bird regulators are setup though so there may be another trick I'm not aware of.

I just clean out any dust/dirt from the channels using a stiff nylon brush and then throw some Sil-Glide on the inside edge of the channels. I usually pull the door panel so I can try and reach as much of the run as possible.
Ill try that, guy at work mentioned theres some lube or something for the window felts, will look into it.
The gears may be going bad as well. They are plastic and tend to warp before the break. They're also cheap. While you have the panel off, go ahead and replace them.
Silicone lubricant spray in the window track will also free them up. Honda actually sells their own branded spray (maybe not anymore) for this exact purpose.


As for the window feeling lose I have to agree that the window motor bushing can somewhat cause that. I recently replaced those on my Cougars driver side, and the window is much more solid.
I remember briefly (amazon) looking for the honda spray, but it came up with a squeeze tube ... let me know if yall find the spray
PB Blaster makes some silicone spray that I’ve used with good results. Available at most parts stores.
Bel-Ray chain lube works pretty well. :)
My '97 been doing that for years. I just stop when it hangs, give it a little lifting push from inside and it lines up and up we go. I've tried all sorts of armor all, 303 prtectand to rainex on the glass. figured there was someting inside that is loose or not right. Mine's a driver so I drive.
Bought a can of silicone spray at napa this morning, worked a treat. Thanks fellas

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