Wiper blade sizes: Get a Bigger, better wipe!

I did this and also upgraded to Mark VIII J-hook arms at the same time too.

The coverage is fantastic...I think. I've driven this car in the rain all of twice since I did this a couple of years ago. So much for putting these upgrades to use. It really became an upgrade I did just because I could. ☂️🤷‍♂️
Same. I've got the 24" / 20" combo with Trico Truck blades on Thunderbird arms. IIRC, that was the factory size in 1989. They work great and the pin latch is reinforced on the truck blades.
Just beware of Anco Contour blades. I bought a couple of the 22" and didn't inspect them right away, only to find out months later that one of the universal fit brackets wasn't molded properly. The clip that retains the arm pin was molded solid, as part of the bracket. I had to use a utility knife to cut it free, both sides and the bottom! It retains the pin, but it's not ideal. I contacted Anco and they said they can't send me another bracket, as they don't have spare parts, I would have to return them to the vendor, which of course I couldn't do, due to my delay in checking them. Can't anybody make anything right anymore?! Sheesh!
Hah, I was wondering about this, thinking there definitely seemed to be room for at least one larger arm. Glad to know it's borne out by experience.
Just wanted to chime in and say I just went with the 24" driver/22" passenger combination and it works excellently. I also found out that the 97-98 Lincoln Mark VIII hook arm style has far better wiper blade selection than the T-Bird pin style, at least in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately I can't find a set of the Mark VIII arms anywhere at the moment.
If you find a set that is rusty but intact, I can tell you how to set up an electrolysis tank. I restore cast iron on the side and it is my preferred method of rust removal. It works like a charm.




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