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All stock daily driver!
All stock daily driver!

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Bought in spring of 2018 with the settlement money from when my previous DD (the 96 Mark) was rear-ended, this one has continued to serve my needs for daily transportation. Unlike my 96, the LSC had not been converted from air suspension to coils, and I spent the first 12-18 months ironing out issues typical to 20-year-old air ride components. In the spring of 2023, after 208,000 original miles, I had the aging 4R70W rebuilt. The engine remains completely unmolested and shows no signs of needing service anytime soon!

The interior was in (and continues to be in) remarkably good condition for the vehicle's age and mileage, and due to some "slight" OCD on the part of the owner (me) all of the Lincoln creature comforts continue to function. Heated seats in the winter are great! :biggrin:

The car rides on the stock chrome LSC wheels during the year except snow season (Dec-Mar), when I swap them for winter tires on snowflake wheels. Snow tires combined with the super-effective traction control on the 2nd gen FN10 makes the car much more docile on wintry roads.

I took the car to have some rust removal/prevention done in 2020 and anticipate the need to get some areas touched up soon, however it's my intention to try and push this vehicle over 300,000 before I consider retiring or reselling it.
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