Theterminator93's Laser Red 97 LX

Fair weather N/A combo with an MHS stage 2 PI top end
Fair weather N/A combo with an MHS stage 2 PI top end

Vehicle Overview

Bought by my dad in 2004, I inherited it several years later and started caring for/modding it. Repainted in 2012 with the bulk of the modifications completed by 2013, this car is not just a garage queen!

Modifications revolved around improving DD/street responsiveness with limited thought put into track performance. A relatively conservative approach to the evolution of the build yielded a fairly durable naturally aspirated combo. More details on the build are on the vehicle customizations page.

1997 Thunderbird LX factory-equipped options:
  • PEP 157A
    • 4.6L SOHC V8
    • Rear window defroster
    • Power driver's seat
    • Leather steering wheel
  • Laser Red tinted clearcoat (E9), repainted in 2012
  • Graphite gray interior
  • Luxury/Lighting group
    • Autolamp
    • Power antenna
    • Illuminated sunvisor mirrors
  • Premium sound
  • Rear spoiler
  • Keyless entry
  • ABS with Traction Assist

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