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Trunk Monkey's 1995 SVO Thunderbird LX

1995 5.3L SVO THUNDERBIRD LX in Dodge Viper Anaconda Green
1995 5.3L SVO THUNDERBIRD LX in Dodge Viper Anaconda Green

Vehicle Overview

"You have to understand the car; you have to become one piece only. You have to feel without hearing or to see without seeing what the car is telling you or how the car is reacting."
~Valentino Balboni
Lamborghini Test Driver for over 40 years


My one and only Thunderbird. I purchased this car brand new in September of 1994. My first major upgrade to the car was a complete suspension rebuild completed in January of 2007. With the assistance of, and a special thanks to Jason (FordPartsCounter) and the Carolinas Crew Chief, RobertP, I added the 3.73 gears and J-mod in May 2007.
In January 2008 I bought the rims and had them installed on the car in May of 2008; it took me some time to save the money for tires.

After almost 15 years the stock engine was retired in August of 2009 at just over 205,000 original owner miles and replaced with a 2004 Explorer PI motor with an SVO Supercharger.

These upgrades yielded a 116% increase in HP, a 63.7% increase in torque and an improvement of 3 seconds in the quarter-mile over the old N/A engine.

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