1985 Turbo Coupe 3rd Life.


Oct 18, 2023
Holtsville, NY
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1985, Thunderbird, 351W
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I purchased this car new from Park In Ford in Valley Stream, NY in late 1985. Initially did all the SVO upgrades on the 2.3 Motor. Intercooler, air vane, computer, cam, Injectors ect. It was eating up 5.0s and IROC like crazy. Met a fella who became my best friend and we started racing Nascar charger class cars at Riverhead Raceway then moved on to modifieds. Learned a lot doing that over the years then when time permitted out came the 4 and in went a 351. It was done up ok but far from impressive. skipping 20 years down the road with 68K original miles where the car rested in a weather proof garage over that time I started doing it over properly about 5 years ago starting with the engine. Pulled it out and brought it to Scorpion Race Engines in West Babylon where Lars Mord reworked every aspect of the engine delivering a perfectly rebuilt engine, 40 over. new super light weight pistons, redone AR heads, Canton 7 qt road race pan, full crane roller rocker valve train, Holley Brawler 750 with annular venturies, IMG_1562.jpegIMG_2212.jpegIMG_2211.jpegIMG_1556.jpegIMG_7480.jpegIMG_7536.jpegIMG_7661.jpegIMG_9481.jpegflow master pump, Griffin radiator and everything in between.
The new Tremec TKX 5 speed and Hays clutch assy is ideal. Rich at United Exhaust in Ronkonkoma fabricated a 2 1/2” SS exhaust using BBK 351 swap headers and Borla Promax mufflers. Did the 5 lug conversion using 94/95 spindles, SVE 13“ brakes up front and Welwood 12” in the rear, Cobra power booster and 1” MC. Wheels are SSR 17 x 7 up front, 18 x 9.5 rear. Replaced both ball joints, bushings struts and shocks. IRS race cars custom made the sub frame connectors, G load brace and strut tower brace.
Alpine 7347 Tuner ( still works perfect ) and a Harmon Kardon Amp pumping out some Sammy Hagar “ I can’t drive 55”. Super Ford magazine did a story in 1991 at Maple Grove Raceway during the Ford Motorsport Nationals on the car when I did it half ass. Did it up properly this time with just new center gauges to be put in and fresh paint after taking it down to the metal in a couple months. Hope to have it ready for the big show at New Lebanon Speedway in Spring.



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Great build and story! You've had your car longer than I've been alive!

Is the Alpine tuner one of those ones with the two big knobs and 6 blue buttons? I always wanted one of those just to hoard! Our music taste is similar :smile:
I remember that cover. Very cool.
I remember having that magazine! Beautiful car!

What do you currently do with the car? Track days? Cruiser?

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