1994 Thunderbird 4.6; seen 26OCT23

Sep 22, 2023
Richmond, VA
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This is one of those junkyard finds that must have a story, and I wish I knew more. It was clearly someone's project, with countless parts in the trunk, a Chilton manual on the passenger seat, etc. Unfortunately everything is in somewhat bad condition. A little sad.

Are the floor mats salvageable?
How did that cluster bezel look?
How did that cluster bezel look?

It was very dirty but otherwise fully intact as I remember. There was a radio bezel in the trunk, too.

I don't pick up stuff anymore unless I know I have a buyer because I have no space to store stuff.

It's been a few days, so there's no knowing what's left now...
An intact cluster bezel will fetch $200 on Fleabay without trying. :biggrin:

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