1997 VSS Connector Pinout


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Dec 28, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI
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Lost the VSS signal on our '97 the other day. Decided to replace the vss and the connector (+ about 6" of wiring) since the wiring off the connector was in pretty poor shape. Most of the insulation had deteriorated and broken away from one of the wires and there was a crunchy gray sheath over the wires which I had to break off. It looks like a grey wire and a pink wire (at least that is my best guess on colors, they are pretty degraded). I just want to make sure I have them going to the correct place before I install the new connector. My EVTM is for a '91 so no help there.

I'm pretty sure in this picture grey is on the left and pink is on the right.

View from the top. Same wire orientation.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Wiring pigtails are a JY run, mostly. Some pigtails are available from motorcraft, but those are mostly lights.
Seems to me it's in the piece of harness that runs unde the trans, that has the main trans connector, and rear o2 sensor. That's the piece I unplug and repin on the workbench, when converting it to match a later trans.

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