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Dec 26, 2023
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1992 Thunderbird Sport 5.0
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I have a 92 tbird sport 5.0 that I am changing to standalone holley sniper efi and I am in the middle of removing the old ecu and any extra wiring.

I have pulled off alot of wires through the firewall to the passenger floor space and I have mostly removed the ecu plug and wires.

I have kept a few connectors, for the ac condensor, to the green and red vacuum line solenoid and the first relay to the left which I think is for the AC.

Now my first question is, what is the black/yellow wire coming from the relay that goes to the square engine connector? I assume its tach cutoff for AC?

Second question is, what are these conbectors for? Before I staty digging them out or if I leave them there.


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They are general inline connectors, not really purpose specific. I don’t know specifics for 92 but there are similar connectors in my year range I’m intimately familiar with

the yellow one will contain circuits for ABS(if equipped) EVO steering as well as some other circuits that run into the console like fog lamps

The blue and black one connect the EEC harness to the dash harness. There’s quite a few that go through there for the cluster ignition etc

Green I’m not sure

I strongly recommend you search out a 1992 factory EVTM manual given the scope of this project.

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