What are these connectors in my engine?

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Oct 2, 2023
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Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there.

What are these connectors in my engine bay? One is near the A/C compressor (orange connector) and the other two are just below the battery by the power steering (yellow and red inner sleeve).


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What engine? (that's why you fill out your sig.)
He has a 3.8 Greg.

The brown connector looks like it would go on a 94/95 type Coolant temp sensor. The second picture looks like it would fit on a coolant level sensor in the coolant reservoir If you have one. The last one considering how close it is to your power steering pump looks like it's for the EVO valve on the PS pump. Which I doubt a standard 3.8 car has. I'm sure it's just wiring that goes into the harness during production. Some cars utilize it, some don't.
First connector is coolant temp sensor. Some used that style sensor, and some used the 1-wire sensor, but both connectors are usually in the harness. The 2nd connector looks like it’s for a coolant reservoir level sensor, and the 3rd one is probably for variable assist power steering.
Awesome. I can't thank you enough. As much as I have worked on this engine, I never found where those go. I suspect, as both of you said, my car did not come with these "features" and were just left hanging. I suspect too that at one time the connectors may have tied up/taped up with the rest of the wire harness, but over the years became undone by changes made to the car or curiosity.

Thanks again for your help with this, I really do appreciate it.

PS: I will add my engine size in my sig, Grog. Thank you for mentioning that.

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