2024 Free Road Rally / MN12 meet


Jun 30, 2024
Paoli Indiana
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93 Thunderbird sc 4.2/tvs/aod
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Since the death of the sc shootout we had a long period of no cool meets going on for us anymore . In 2019 I tried a local road rally with some fellow mn12 enthusiasts and it was an absolute blast! In 2020 I invited more people so in 2021 I decided to have an sc meet which included the local rally. It was a huge success I ended up with 20 something mn12s in my yard we had a cookout and a great weekend! So i continued this yearly with a spring and fall meet that piggybacked into the local rally . Sadly in 2023 the organizers decided to take a break from it. So I figured out a route and we did our own in 2023 which was a success !

So that being said I am planning a fall 2024 event! This will be around October (dates not yet determined) but the format will be as follows .

Friday cookout and meet at my place

Saturday scenic road rally and meet back up here for bonfire beers whatever.

This is as always a free event! I always make the Friday food happen and typically just ask for people to bring stuff to go along with what we have. In the past we have had a taco bar, chili dogs, homemade smoked hot pockets, potato soup, pulled pork bbq etc..

I will update this post when I finalize dates and times ! This will happen in southern Indiana and the cookout will be in Paoli
It's about time you got on here!!! I've been to the rallies and meets for years now and it's always tons of fun. Definitely tons of cool roads and places we go every year. I definitely miss the shootout and it's awesome that Jacob has done this for several years now. I've got some ideas to somewhat revive the shootout in a new form next year, but more on that later...until then we've got this and it's an absolute blast.20240701_002025.jpg
That's from the spring meet a couple years ago, so you can see we have room for quite a few more...
We had a nice party for the eclipse in '17, I have a pool and a grill, as well as a large porch. :)
I'd love to join in 2025 assuming my car is back together!
Looks great, are you racing them?

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