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Oct 18, 2023
N. Texas
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I've been reading and searching this subject here, and elsewhere on the web for a few days.
My question is this:

Did they change any of the bracket configurations on this model car? I've seen post and videos where the PS bracket or pulley is claimed to be a beast for this simple swap.
However, after looking at my new pump and the car itself, and walking to the car; it does not appear that mine is in the way and can be easily replaced with the normal process of removing WP Pulley, and draining the radiator etc.

Or, am I blind and fooling myself. lol

Thanks in advance! Cheers!!
If you don't have a bracket attaching the PS pump to the water pump .. chances are your water pump has been replaced before. The PS bracket is more or less not really needed.
It's a one owner, but I can't testify to the bracket. However, there are no brackets in front of any of my WP bolts.
Thank you for the reply.
I am no professional mechanic, but I did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night......

What in the HE(( is holding the heater hose assembly in the water pump housing other than the liitle bolt.
Someone must have cooked it with Gorilla Glue Sealant or something.
I have done water pumps dozens of times over the years and this one piece has whipped my ARSE! lol

Gently pry Haynes says :cross:

I shut the hood and come inside for the end of Round 1.
I would have been completely done with water pump, plugs thermostat, wires, cap, etc. I just can't get the fitting out of the housing. Dynamite perhaps 💥

I agree about someone ditching the bracket I inquired about. Thanks for the heads up.
That nipple tends to oxidize in the water pump, and the o-ring on it turns into stone. You may make some progress by heating the water pump housing around the heater hose nipple, and try rotating the heater hose nipple back and forth.
What fitting ? The hose fittings should be part of the water pump .. ie; not removable.
Can you post some pictures? Been awhile since I replaced on of these v6 water pumps.
I’ve always seen the normal barb or nipple with hose clamp. This has an O-Ring on a tube with a cheesy 8mm bolt and tab ( that I now have to straighten)
This “pipe” has a heater core line and the other back to the motor near the bleeder outlet


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One more view of this Guinness design. lol


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Ooh .. yeah I remember that one. Do like rod says and try to wiggle or twist .. soaking it overnight with penetrating oil might help also
Would the SC have the same footprint as my pump? I'm looking for a WP with same footprint and actual hose barbs.
I spent way more time getting that stupid thing off and water tight than I care to discuss! lol
Footprint is slightly different from what I remember. That's why the Fel Pro gasket kits come with two different WP gaskets. Unless you swapped to the SC timing cover.
It's been a long time, but IIRC, the SC water pump will bolt up to your timing cover. It will have an extra port though.

You could tap your new water pump for a fitting.

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