Any motorcycle riders here?

Just curious as are there others on the site that ride? I am so looking forward to the warm weather.

4 wheels only for me Mark, sorry! :zwall:

What are you riding now?

But I'm also looking forward to the warmer weather.

I promised myself when I was 19 years old that I wouldn’t get a motorcycle until 100mph in a car scares me, since at that point, maybe I would be responsible enough to not kill myself. Needless to say, still no bikes for me!
Yes. I'm a bike rider, for over 50 years now, lol. I have 2 1980 GS750L bikes, DOHC inline 4's. Mikey, If 100 ever scares me, I'm giving up driving. :)
I had a stroke 3 years ago, so my balance is off, but I'm recovering slowly.
I took my second drive today, I took Lazarus to Harbor freight to replace some cheap airtools that rusted up while I was down. Been 3 years since I hit McD's for breakfast, it was awesome!
I too am looking forward to spring!
What do you ride, Mark?
I can but I currently don't. 100mph in a car doesn't scare me, but ever since having kids its the others around me doing 100mph in a car that does scare me.

I do still ride off-road bikes though. Nothing special, just trail riding. Don't have a bike currently.
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Going WOT down I40, from crab orchard to westel exit, blew up a harley 1300, and everyone else bailed when I went between the two semis. My buddy at the time on kawasaki 550, was the first to bail, lol. I burned 3 gallons of gas in ~20 miles. :) Lazarus gets WAY better gas mileage at that speed, but it's probably the aerodynamics.
I've been riding for many years. Harleys, Hondas etc.. my bike for the last six years is an 09 Stratoliner. This thing pushes out 100hp and 110lbs of torque. I love all the chrome but it's a four hour cleaning and just not loving the chrome anymore lol. I haul the bike when I was traveling for months long projects with a unique one bike trailer. Hardly knew it was back there with my little kia soul.


I don't ride or own a bike. Never have. My dad did INSIST that I got my motorcycle license back when I got my driver's license. He has still - to this day - never let me ride any of his motorcycles. His current is a 2014 Ultra Limited. It's a nice rig. He never rides it and is talking about selling it. :(

I know I would probably not be typing this if I had a bike in my teens/twenties. Never really got the itch. I like 4 wheels.

My oldest sister, uncle, father-in-law, flight instructor and best friend from HS (along with his dad) are all bikers. I used to ride around with my sister as a kid (8-10 years old or so) and loved it. I hadn't been on a motorcycle since then until about 10 years ago when my HS buddy (who is a bit maniacal) enthusiastically took me out for a ride and did the "cut traffic by going between lanes" thing to get to a freeway onramp because he couldn't wait 2 minutes for a traffic light to cycle through. That experience put me off ever getting on another bike (at least with him) ever again. He still rides (and dumps his bike) often.
I bought a 1974 DT125 from my older sis when I was 13, for $300. I got my License at 14, and after I blew it up, I traded it in for a 1978 IT200. I still have a 1978 IT200. Before my stroke, I could park it on the wood picnic table at the lake. :) IT is International Trials, riding over big rocks is easy; a table is hard to do without falling over, lol.
My 750's have king/queen seats and a backrest. They are black and red, so when I repaint the cars, they'll get painted too.
These are also chrome colored, lol. after 40 years, it's getting ragged. I need to get it all rechromed.

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