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Sep 22, 2023
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Alright, you all know my car pretty well given my posts and various mods. Current mileage 59,532.

What's everyone's guess for a Carmax appraisal? Comment with your estimate.

I'll post the correct answer tonight. And the winner will receive...yeah, nothing.
Carmax only likes to buy newer cars. My guess is $900
I was curious what MN12's are even booking for these days so went to Nada (I guess it is JDpower now):

If you look up the price of a V8 Thunderbird the picture shown is a Ford Taurus :LOL:

Obviously we know it's worth more than ten times that.
Wow that is more than I expected. A few years ago was selling my 02 Navigator. It was a clean truck and everything worked, they offered me $1400 for it.
And they'll try to turn them around for like 6 grand. Its quotes like these that incentivize people to go through the headache of selling it privately, at least
Don't know their business, but all the older vehicles they buy probably just get sent to auction. You won't find any vehicles more than ~8 years old on their lots.
New car dealers will do that, every now and then the local Ford dealer will have a mint SN95 eraMustang, Lightning etc right up front on a display, they once had a really nice 96 Sport that I inquired about until I learned they were asking $7,000 for the thing. Carmax no, they're in business strictly to move cars that sell, not buy loss leaders to bring in showroom traffic.
CarMax used to have their ValuMax network. They would list the cars they took in on trade that didn't qualify to be sold in their showrooms before they sent them to auction just to see if anyone bit.
I think Carmax normally sends cars this old straight to auction. I don't believe they stock them.
Your correct I make ALOT of car/truck/suv keys for thr carmax hub in Columbia SC they auction anything "older" as is I've seen some absolute junk and some pretty nice cars go through the auction lines... (I pass through there time to time and hand out business cards) like carmax most locksmiths around here don't want to fool with making keys to old cars but that's my specialty

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