Costco... Business or Executive?


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Sep 22, 2023
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As the title implies, I'm considering getting a Costco membership. For those that have them, is paying the extra $60 annually for the Executive Business card worth it over the regular Business card? And if so, why?

Debate below... :zbeer:
We have the Executive card .. totally worth it if you spend a lot of money on groceries. We earn about $100 a year in cash back rewards so the membership pays for itself, otherwise buying in bulk still gets you way more for the same price you'd spend at the grocery store.
I have the business Visa, $100 a year for membership. $450 cash back last year. Gas is .40 a gal cheaper than most stations.

Prices are better than most grocery stores. Its good to have a big freezer.
I was gifted a membership. I just live with my dog, it's not really practical for me. The portions can be challenging. Weird Cult vibes. I know somebody that bought an entire trifuel generator with rewards

Edit: Oh yea and fuck the stupid rectangle speed bumps they use, seriously. Not sure if its every lot.
Appreciate the opinions. For us, the local one is about 15 minutes from us and it is on my way home from work. So it would likely join Aldi in our grocery rotation.
Ended up going with the Executive. The fuel savings alone have been worth it considering how much I travel for work. Same for being able to buy snacks for the toddler in bulk. :rofl:

Appreciate the advice.
I go to Costco weekly. Only place I get gas, tires, batteries, wiper blades, carwashes for all my vehicles. Also that $5 chicken is damn tasty.

But I do not have an executive membership. I have a CITI/Costco credit card so I get the same rewards as an executive membership but for only $60 a year (regular) membership.

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