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Oct 9, 2023
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'96 Bird 4.6
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Here's yet another POS plastic piece that shattered when I contacted it. Damn near everything in my engine bay has embrittlement to the point where it cracks if you look at it wrong.
This particular cover cracked a minor amount on top when my elbow bumped into it while working on the recent front end suspension rebuild (upper arm bolts). I went out yesterday and was trying out a new crowfoot flare wrench to see whether I could get my 1/2" torque wrench to work with the 3/8" crowfoot using a U-joint on that particular upper arm nut, and while holding the torque wrench head with my hand, my hand and the wrench contacted the side of the distro box cover and it literally exploded into about 10 pieces! 😲

Unlike the mega fuse cover I replaced with NOS years ago, this distro box cover doesn't have a Ford part number on it. Does anyone know the part number for this piece? I found a used cover on eBay, but they want $56.79! Being used, it's probably brittle by now, too. Hard pass on highway robbery. I'll use a lid from a regular rectangular plastic box on it, if I can find one about the right size, before I pay that kind of money for this little shit piece of plastic.

Anyway, I want to see whether I can find it NOS like I did the mega fuse cover, if it was sold as a separate stealership part and not only as a complete box assembly. If the latter, then I guess I'm SOL, unless a lucky boneyard find happens or I can find an alternate box top.
Many Fords shared similar parts. Do you have a picture? I might have one.
Where these cars spent most of their time makes a big difference under the hood. My cougar is originally from the North East and still under 100k miles, the plastics under the hood are still in great shape and not brittle. I used to own a 96 Tbird that spent most of it's life in Florida. All the plastics under the hood were already broken or in the process of cracking apart.
It's got to be the extra heat from being down South. Higher mileage also has a big part of it.
Interestingly enough, car battery manufactures distribute different grades of batteries depending on the region. Batteries sent to southern areas, are built tougher because the extreme heat wears them out faster.
I tried to cross-reference it off of a picture but I didn't find a match. Strange that it doesn't have a molded part number. Most of the ones I come across have the latch broken off at the very least. I think I have one good undamaged one holed away for my project.

The one pictured here is on the harness that I'm modding (just for a picture reference for what OP is looking for).
My car is originally from AZ/CA and the hinge on that was broken when I got it. I got a good used one from the junkyard. I might have another one that I picked up.
I don't have one that size, sorry. I thought maybe a 1st gen explorer cover would fit, but looks like it is too wide.
Thanks guys. Until I get my hands on a replacement, I thought of something ghetto that might work for the time being. A while back, I had ordered some large silicone rubber sheets off Amazon for a non-vehicular project. I should be able to cut a piece and secure it over the box with wire ties, cloth harness tape, etc. Will have to remember to keep my elbows away from it while working in the bay.

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