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Oct 5, 2023
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On my newly aquired 96 Thunderbird, in the trunk right next to the inertial fuel cutoff switch, there is a black cover held to the unibody by two black reuseable push pins. Under the cover is a circuit board or a silver box with a couple of boards attached to it. On the side of it is a connector that looks like an antenna connector. I pulled it out to get a better look. It certainly looks like it's for an antenna, making me think this piece of electronics is related to the radio. It only has the standard cassette tape deck. My 97 only has a tape deck as well, but it does not have this box. I'll post a picture if needed, the car is farther away than I care to walk at the moment but I figured somebody would know what this is without the picture...
If I recall correctly, it's the keyless entry module for both the SecuriCode keypad (if equipped) and the keyless entry remotes.
Seems like the inertia switch is there somewhere. Its the one with the reset button.
It is. Those two modules are side by side. I believe some of the Mk.VIII's have a Learn button on the keyless entry module for programming remotes.
I think all of them do. The door code is written on the sticker on the module.
If the car has factory installed anti-theft it'll be behind there as well, in a yellow box
The keyless entry modules have the place to plug in a keypad, so it's possible to add a keypad to a 96 or 97.
It's Ford's best feature. I use ours at least once a day even in the cars with proximity keys.
I want to add one to my cougars. Someone added a later suv one; I need to look that up.
I want to add one to my cougars. Someone added a later suv one; I need to look that up.
I replaced my busted one with one from a Taurus. The DIY thread is on here somewhere.
I saved the thread. I looked it up, they're in most of the yards. We should go hit the yards sometime.
That sounds like something a bean counter would think of.
Vic: a question if I may; do you remember the reason for the birdcats to tccoa change? When I broke the intake about 2000, it was birdcats. when I broke the trans in the red Cougar about 05, it had changed. Any comment for us relative newcomers?
For adding a keypad to one without it, you need a "card edge connector, like an old school isa port in a computer, that you plugged cards into. I have a box of those somewhere, I'lltry to bring some to the party, to give away.
They’ve started to remove it from new cars. My Maverick doesn’t have it. Dropped in 2023 I’ve got a 24
They tried this around 2010 and there was a revolt from the customer base. I know the higher end models still have it.

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