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Sep 12, 2023
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Exhaust systems on the MN12 varied between trims and model years. The exhaust systems for a particular engine for 1989-1991 model vehicles and 1992-1997 vehicles are essentially identical. The main change was a result of a redesign of the gas tank for the 1992 model year which allowed the exhaust pipe to flow under the tank rather than around it.

All vehicles are equipped with 3 catalytic converters, one on each bank (side) of the engine and a third at the Y-pipe. 1989-1995 model vehicles also have a resonator after the third cat. A single pipe carries exhaust under the drive shaft and behind the differential. NA V6 exhaust exits through a single muffler on the driver's side. SC V6s and all V8s have another Y-pipe behind the differential that feeds dual mufflers.

Pipe diameter is 2". On SC and V8 vehicles, diameter for the single pipe segment from the 3rd cat to the Y pipe at the differential is increased to 2.25". Diameter reduces to 2" again after the Y pipe to the mufflers.
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