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Oct 5, 2023
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On my 96 Bird, while replacing seals on my Doorman intake manifold, I discovered that I had a broken vacuum line. This is the special red and green formed assembly that attaches to the top of the EGR and that smaller vacuum diaphragm to the right of the EGR, goes to the front of the throttle body and down to the drivers side frontal area, presumably to the evap cannister/evap control valve.

I didn't see this assembly on RockAuto nor have I found it searching on Google. Wondering if anybody has a source, part number or link to this assembly?


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I'd just get a short segment of 1/8" (or whatever the ID needs to be to slip over the OD of the red tube) and patch it. The only other source for that line would be a junkyard, unfortunately.
When I needed to replace the tubing going to my EGR valve I got a blister pack of "Vacu-tite! Hard Emission Tubing" 1/8" OD off the rack at my local parts store. Worked fine. Always wanted to put some green shrinkwrap tubing on it but never got around to it.

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