Fluidyne Radiator Group Buy - July 2018

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Reposting here for reference. I'd imagine if you reach out to Fluidyne they could build you another one of these as they now have the MN12 pattern in their system. Keep in mind that this is 2018 pricing.

Originally posted July 13, 2018

I dropped a (new) core MN12 radiator at Fluidyne in Mooresville this morning. They're going to check it out and work me up a quote for a custom build. Their radiators are 3-core, 3-pass and, I was told, are 1-3/4" thick vs the stock 1-core, 1-pass, 1" thick unit.

Once they have the design figured out it would be easy to do a batch run of these and perhaps lower the price. Would anyone else be interested in ordering one of these with me? You're not going to find a more efficient, better built - direct fit, made in USA - radiator anywhere!

16AUG18 Update:

  • Individual units would be $515 each + shipping.
  • A group buy of 10 or more would be $450 each+ shipping.
  • Turn around would be about two weeks from the time the order is placed.

I think in order to simplify things Let's do this - **Please Read carefully**

  • Payments for $515 can be PayPal sent to tbirdthunderhd@gmail.com - *Please include your address!* If we reach the required 10 order minimum I'll refund the difference minus shipping expenses. If we don't reach the minimum order you can pay me the shipping costs when the order is ready to ship.
  • Select either "Send to a Friend" in the amount of $515 or, if you want some insurance, select "Paying for an item or service" and add $15.69 to cover PayPal fees for a total of $530.69
  • **Please PM me your name so that I can match the payments to each of your usernames. If you select "Send to a Friend" Please PM me your mailing address so that I can get the unit to you.
  • I'll take orders until Sunday, August 26 and will place the order on Monday, August 27.

I just got off the phone with Fluidyne.

  • They do have a smaller-than-stock 16" SPAL fan at 1,600 CFM available for an additional $150 or
  • An HP SPAL fan that is ~ 350 CFM greater than standard for a total of ~ 1,950 CFM for an additional $197
  • Custom installed fan mounting hardware required to fit the 16" fan is an additional $85.
  • So, for an additional $235 you can get a kick ass fan pre-installed on the radiator ready to plug-and-play.
  • There's also a 185° sensor Kit available for $80 This kit would kick the fan on at 185° and off at 178°. This kit would operate independent of the car's fan regulator.
Group Pricing (10 or more) would be the following amounts - Please do not use these discounted amounts to calculate a total unless a group purchase has been confirmed:

  • Fan - Standard SPAL (1,600 CFM): $140 vs $150
  • Fan - HP SPAL (+350 CFM): $180 vs $197
  • Mounting Hardware: $70 vs $85
  • Fan Sensor Kit: $75 vs $80
***If you choose to add any of these items AND select "Paying for an item or service" please add 2.9% of the total + $0.30 to cover the PayPal fees. ***
***https://thefeecalculator.com/ can help you figure out the correct amount to send.***
If you choose "Send to a Friend" there's no need to add the PayPal fees.***

I need serious order confirmations from interested parties at this point. If we can't get to 10 units (9 not counting myself) then the price would be the individual unit cost of $515 + Shipping.

Confirmed buyers in BOLD. We need all these plus one more. I've also inquired at LOD and have confirmed Driller from there. If any of you want to post this to FB and see if you can generate some interest there that would be great!

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Originally posted: August 16, 2018:

I have numbers!

Individual units would be $515 each.

A group buy of 10 or more would be $450 each.+ Shipping**

Turn around would be about two weeks.

For the Group buy we would need one point of contact, there would be no sales tax for units shipped out of state but shipping would be extra.

I told Ryan I'd get back to him on Monday.

I need serious order confirmations from interested parties at this point. If we can not get to 10 - (9 not counting myself) then the price would be the individual unit cost of $515.

Photo's courtesy of theterminator93:

FLU01 .png
And they listen to their potential customers!

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