Fords Prototype Twin Turbo Teksid

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Sep 21, 2023
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1996 Tbird LX, SVO blown 4.6 // 1990 Tbird SC Drift missile, OHV 5.0
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I just saw this video and instantly had to share it. The fact that this survived getting scrapped is AMAZING.

For those just reading:
Build date of the engine is 1999, turbo kit date is 1998. It is a Teksid C port engine, with a custom cobra intake fitted with an air to water intercooler.

Only thing I can imagine this engine was possibly designed for is either the 00 Cobra R or was an idea for the Super Stallion. Either way I think its amazing piece of history.
Super stallion was its own thing, unless he's suggesting a new edge followup, but this is really a lot less exotic that the super stallion engine. If I were to make an uneducated guess it was possibly designed as a feasibility study for what became the 03-04 Cobra before going with the Eaton roots blower instead.
Someone on tccoa has that intake; it's part of their current build. Pretty sure it's na now.
Wasn't it Dugan? Can't remember his first name.
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That engine is also in the book, 'making 4.6 power on the dyno', or something like that, I bought this picture book from amazon a few years ago, and it's got every combo you can imagine, compared on a test stand and dyno. Intakes, cams, power adders.
The throttle body plenum only adds 3hp if you're already making 400, lol.
But do You know the difference? :) Which one does a waterwheel fall under? :zdevil:

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