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Who has any experience or feedback they can give me about this?

Getting ready to break the car out of it's cocoon if it ever stops raining and want to start data logging to see what's going on with the cam sensor code. I have a laptop ready to go, so it looks like I need to download the program and get an adapter for the EEC port. Anything else?

I have used it to program new keys in the PATS system. Also calibrated a backup camera after replacement. It's very useful and can do an impressive amount of things for newer Fords. As far as I know it's fairly limited for MN12s. I have only used it to pull codes.
Same. I've used it extensively. It's great and user friendly, especially on the global models. I recommend buying their cable (link).

Not much you can do to the MN12 with it but it's still good to have. It's not that FORscan is limited, the MN12 OBD just isn't too workable.
Thanks for the replies. So is there another program out there that you can recommend I can use for data logging?

I have an xcal2, so I use a laptop and livelink. I've got a bunch of saved logging setups I can load, for looking at different stuff. Oscar said the xcal2's with the the blue screens can display more things, but I never noticed that.
Maybe I should have started this in the "ask a stupid question" thread.

After Greg mentioned using his xcal2 then I realized I have an xcal3! :facepalm: Ok, help the rookie out......please! :biggrin:

cam sensor code does not require any logging

if its setting a code then either its not sync'd correctly, the sensor is bad or you have a wiring issue.
What about a bad EEC?

I’ve used forscan for data logging my Tbird, I think it does a good job. I mainly use it to make programming changes in my F150 though.
What about a bad EEC?

It's possible. Had one that wouldn't start on first crank, 100% on second, Had cam sensor code. Went through everything else and Pulled an eec from the junk yard and replaced it in the parking lot. Worked 100%
I think the FETs that drive the O2 heaters are more likely to burn on 97s. Could be wrong though.
The engine computer failed on my 96 a few years ago with no warning, ended up having to get it towed home. I would recommend against getting a junkyard pull ECM. I went through two that were "guaranteed 100% functioning" bought off Ebay. They both had the O2 heater circuit codes. One had both banks out, the other had just one bad bank. Ended up buying a rebuilt ECM I bought off Rockauto and haven't had any problems.

I have a theory that the O2 circuit failure is a more common problem than we all know of. In emission inspection states it could be a reason a lot of these cars end up in the junk yard. People probably replace the O2 sensors hoping to fix it, which doesn't fix the problem. They can't get the check engine light to go away, so give up on the car and sell or scrapyard it.
I’ve used forscan for data logging my Tbird, I think it does a good job. I mainly use it to make programming changes in my F150 though.
Same. FORscan is great. I prefer it with my Fords over any other scanner.

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