Is it winter yet?


Sep 22, 2023
Harriman, TN
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Crap! after some reasonably warm winters the last few years here, but we're getting cold this week. They're expecting 5 degrees wednesday; With 40% humidity and a breeze, that's damn cold to me, lol.
How about y'all?
Not here yet. We're still in the low to mid 50's each day. It's been nice. NC has typically mild winters (TN too for that matter) we might have a cold snap that lasts a few days before it warms up again. Any frozen precipitation usually melts within 3 to 7 days. I laugh at my neighbors who are out there shoveling right after a storm knowing myself that it'll melt in 3 to 7 days. I just leave it sit.
The last few winters have been record breaking cold in my part of Florida. My 20+ year old lemon tree died last year after we had a few repeat nights in the 20s.
So far this winter we haven't had a hard frost. It's suppose to be cold enough next week that we might get a freeze. I'm hoping it doesn't get too cold because it's gloomy looking when the vegetation gets killed off by frost.
Not really in this neck of the woods. It hasn't stopped fucking rain and the wind is blowing trees all over the place! Good thing it's been rain, because if it was snow there would probably be about 6 feet of by now. >:(

It'scold here, and expected to be single digits by wed. :( Need more cats...
-6F here tonight. Windchill is supposed to be -23F. Looks like it won't be above freezing again until the 22nd. All I know is it's freaking cold. The minisplit in the shop has been keeping up though!
A guy I worked with spent a year on Antarctica installing the Ice cube array, a big neutrino detector. I asked him, how cold does it get? "-40, give r take" another idiot asked "C or F?" "First one, then the other"... Then the nitrogen starts freezing out, so that's about the limit in nature, on this planet.
Apparently cold enough to freeze all the doors shut on my 95 Bonne. Just now managed to get the drivers door open and get her fired up to keep from killing the battery. She started but spun that 3800 around for a few seconds beforehand which is not normal, but kind of expected in this cold snap. Going to get her nice and warm for 35-40 min. Hopefully the door latch will thaw out too so it will catch again. Tried to shut the door and it just bounced, lol.
NC hasn’t been bad but it’s colder than in previous years. Last year I spent in Ohio one day was -13 without windchill. I was like I gotta go…
Not that cold in my part of Ohio (Cincinnati area), but today it only got to 14°, not supposed to be above freezing here until Monday next week, won't hit 20°until Wednesday...
About the same up here by Cleveland. High single digits this morning, about 10-12 most of the day.

We've been spoiled with mild winters up here these last few years.
We have been too, we had a real cold snap around Christmas last year, but I think I've shoveled my drive less than five times in the last few years, haven't gotten the snowblower out in over 5 years. I finally got an awd daily so I wouldn't mind a little snow to play in though...I always say if it's cold out id rather see snow on the ground to give it a reason to be cold...
That's why you only lube those with graphite. :)

It's below freezing here today, It's not expected to be above it until next week. :) Winter is fucking here, lol. Now for the zombies and dragons, lol.

We had -30 for two weeks back in 79 or so, I almost got arrested for doing donuts on thr frozen Marina, lol. The cops were going apeshit before I noticed them; they had to hit the lights and siren before I noticed, they were about 60 yards away. :) I was rocking 200' donuts on the ice, it was awesome. :D
We ended up at key springs road, where every sled in oak ridge was destroyed. We had an ice storm, 6"of snow, then 30 below for two weeks, lol. You could drive after it got cold, but we were all out of school because all the water mains broke, lol. I never lost power or water. I'm hoping the power stay's up this time. I'm regretting not buying the 4.6lv8 generator I started to buy a few years back, lol. It was from a commercial building, lol. 20kw; I could have sold power to neighbors, lol.
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NC hasn’t been bad but it’s colder than in previous years. Last year I spent in Ohio one day was -13 without windchill. I was like I gotta go…
That was probably 9 years ago.
Sitting in the work truck it says -6° at 11:50p. I think we have 2 more trains coming in that need to be looked at before I go. It’s cold but not as bad as yesterday.
That's what we got. What do you do, vic?
I saw some guys locally weld a rail together with thermite; that was impressive! That's the big-boy welding. :)
Back to -8° here tonight and -12° tomorrow night. Sounds like that's the least of the bitter cold for a while. Next week we may break 32° a couple of times. I'll be in southern California towards the end of the week for a much needed reprieve from the cold Midwest.
28°F outside right now, 58° inside my garage, and the more time I spend in there during the winter or summer, the more I'm convinced about getting a mini split for the garage.
I remember when I could do that! We would kake the grill to the sleddin hill, build a fire on the second curve, and Party and sled all day. I've stood there, freezing by the fire, turning like a rotissary trying to stay warm. :) Protip: at 30 below, beer freezes in a coozie, so hold it in your bare hand or pocket, lol.
4 degrees this morning! I woke up nice and warm, and then my pillow woke up and decided to go hit the litterbox, lol. My head was half on the pillow, and half on the cat, lol.
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