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Dec 28, 2023
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Just found this site. I wasn't on tccoa.com a ton, but I did search there from time to time. Been on sccoa and tccoa since the late 90's. I vaguely remember tccoa being birdcats (?), but maybe not. That was a long time ago. Hopefully this site continues to grow. Too bad about tccoa. I know only a fraction of all of the changes that brought this about, but there is/was some good information over there.
Welcome Kevin. So glad you found us here. Yes. Prior to becoming TCCoA the site was known as BirdCats. We're still not sure exactly when that transition was made or the details surrounding it as it was before most of us joined.

If you haven't yet, you can read the club history here.

Yes. We're very excited to grow the site here on our own terms. As you said, there is/was a lot of good information over there but now the information AND the Knowledge is here AND it's advertising free!

Anyway, thanks for signing up and taking a minute to say hello.
Probably should also mention my MN12 car lineup. I'll edit my signature later.

My wife drives a 1997 Thunderbird V8 daily. Bought it out of California about four years ago. Zero rust and planning to keep it that way. This was originally my DD, until my work commute became 60 miles round trip instead of 10. Now I drive our '98 Saturn wagon which is also fun to drive.

The '89 Cougar XR-7 (5 speed) was moved to our pole barn when we moved to our current house 3 years ago. Prior to that it had been in our old garage on jack stands for I don't know how long. The front end needs to be rebuilt, but we all know how finding front shocks for these is these days.

The '95 SuperCoupe (5 speed) has been in storage since probably around the time my son was born (he's 17 now) and I haven't seen it in years. I miss that car.

I'd love to get the '89 and '95 cars back on the road, but the space in my pole barn is being taken up by other people's long term projects I am working on for them. Someday.

Honorary mention is our '85 LTD wagon. I bought this as our family road trip rig. My son and I flew out to Seattle and drove it back to Michigan over 6 years ago now. It currently has a 3.8 CFI/C5 combo that begrudgingly runs great. If things go as planned I intend to repower it with a 3.8SC engine and an as to be determined manual transmission (would like to do a Magnum T56 or TKX). It has been five lug swapped and has Cobra front and rear brakes. Biggest upcoming projects on this are subframe connectors and rear panhard bar and torque arm suspension.

I am trying to resist owning a vehicle built in the 21st century for as long as possible.
I love that fleet!
We have found some options for front shocks; I haven't personally tried them yet, But at least there are a few options.
I love that fleet!
Thanks for the welcome. We picked up the LTD from Gig Harbor. Not sure if that is anywhere remotely close to you. I prefer the oddball cars that receive no love and you never see on the road anymore.

Nice to see another Michigan guy. Welcome.
I'm over west of Allendale if you are ever in the area.

We have found some options for front shocks; I haven't personally tried them yet, But at least there are a few options.
I've seen the 3000GT inserts and the 350Z shocks. Both look like they need a little dialing in. I also noticed the similarity of our front shocks to a RWD Charger/300/Challenger front shock so there might be something there. It looks like they run much lighter front springs though.
That's the hard part; matching the weight and f/r balance.

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